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How long has Glaunach been manufacturing vent silencers ?

Glaunach started building silencers of all type about 1950. In 1970 we focused entirely on high pressure relief and control valve silencers. Presently we have over 5000 in operation throughout the world with no failures.

What makes Glaunach Silencers superior to other vent silencers ?

Each Glaunach vent silencers are designed for the specific application. Most suppliers have canned sizes based on flow rate and inlet pipe sizes. Each of our diffusers is designed and drilled to meet a prescribed back pressure and flow rate to achieve the most accurate acoustical performance. Our acoustically packed annular ring section is bolted into the shell and is suspended in the gas path. Our system for securing the annular rings to each other and the shell allows for both radial and longitudinal thermal expansion to minimize material stresses during operation.

Has Glaunach ever tested their silencers in actual operation ?

All our designs have been tested and continue to be tested on actual applications. Good relations with other manufacturers in Austria has allowed Glaunach the unique opportunity to test new and existing designs on both boilers and gas pipelines.

Where are Glaunach Silencers manufacturered ?

The most critical component of the silencer is the diffuser. Hole spacing and size and open area is critical to the acoustical performance of the diffuser. For this reason Glaunach has designed and built special CNC drilling machines to assure accurate production of this component. All pressure components and diffusers are designed and manufactured at Glaunach World Headquarters in Klagenfurt Austria.

Is Glaunach ISO certified ?

Yes Glaunach is ISO 9001:2000 certified by Lloyds Register

How are Glaunach silencers shipped to the customers outside Europe ?

Our standard is to palletize the silencers and place them in a container and quote CIF (cost of insurance and freight) Incoterms 2000 to the customers nearest international sea port. In this case the customer is responsible for customs clearance, any duties or import taxes and freight to the job site. In the event the customer is unfamiliar with importing products we are happy to quote DDP terms (delivered duty paid). Under these terms the silencer will be delivered to the job site with all costs included in our pricing.

What is Glaunach’s standard lead time from placement of an order to arrival at destination ?

Our standard delivery time is 3 months after technical and commercial clearance. Quicker deliveries are available upon request

What format are approval drawings submitted in ?

Approval drawings can be submitted in electronic and hard copy format depending upon the customer’s requirements. AutoCAD 2000 / 2004 is our standard electronic format.

Can Glaunach supply ASME Code welders and welding procedures ?

Yes, we have ASME Code Section IX qualified welders and welding procedures.

Can Glaunach supply weldings and calculations according PED and CE-marking ?

Yes, Glaunach Silencers can be supplied with CE marking according the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC (extra charge)

Can Glaunach supply weldings and calculation according Pressure Vessel Rules ?

Yes, Glaunach hold a certificate according to the pressure vessel rules AD 2000 HP 0, TRD 201 / EN 729-2. ASME stamping can be supplied by local ASME certified bodies (extra charge).

How does Glaunach calculate valve unsilenced sound power levels ?

When ever possible we prefer to use the unsilenced valve PWL’s from the valve manufacturer, however these are seldom available. In their absence, we use API RP 52i-1997

What information is required for Glaunach to size and quote a silencer ?

In order to properly design and quote a silencer we need to know
  • media being vented (Steam, Natural Gas, etc)
  • acoustic requirements (silenced noise level dB(A) at a distance)
  • gas flow rate (t/hr, lbs/hr)
  • upstream gas temperature
  • upstream gas pressure
  • allowable back pressure on the valve or in the vent piping
  • mounting requirements if any, inlet type (flange or BFW)
  • special requirements: Number of inlets per silencer, Silencer inlet size, Valve sound power levels

What is Glaunach standard RFQ turnaround ?

Standard is one week however we are able to supply a quote within 24 hrs based on CIF terms.

What is the design principal behind the Glaunach diffuser silencer ?

The diffuser silencer allows for staged expansion of the gas across several diffusers. Valve noise is the result of differential pressures across the valve. By spreading the pressure drop across several steps in the silencer diffuser the amplitude of each drop is lower. In addition reducing the turbulence on the down stream prevents noise from being generated. The resulting noise reduction can be as high as 50 dBA. Reducing noise at the diffuser can often reduce the need for an additional absorber section resulting in a much shorter lighter silencer.

Can Glaunach calculate my vent and inlet pipe size for best performance ?

Yes Glaunach can design the correct size inlet piping for your specific requirements.

What is Glaunach’s warranty for performance ?

Noise Reduction = +/-2dBA, Pressure Drop = 0/-10%

What is Glaunach standard product warranty ?

12 months from the date of commercial operation or 24 months from date of shipment whichever comes first

What type of finish does Glaunach use ?

Glaunach standard is a near white blast clean with one coat of Single Pack Silicate Remosil OM 101 on both the internal and external surface of the silencer shell. In addition we offer Carboline Carbozinc 11 as an option to our standard finish. Upon request we can supply an Aluminum top coat. We can accommodate almost any paint requirement, however the color pallet might be reduced by temperature. (extra charge)

How is Glaunach’s absorber rings constructed ?

The absorber rings are constructed with 304 SS perf on the gas side and 304 SS end caps over each ring the acoustic media is enclosed between the two perf sheets and is wrapped in fiberglass cloth or 304 SS wire cloth. Acoustic media is rockwool, needle mats or stainless steel wire mesh. Only stainless steell will be used at absorbers !

What is the largest silencer Glaunach can produce ?

The maximum silencer size is dictated by shipping concerns only.
The largest silencer ever shipped, meashured 4,3m (14,1feet) in diameter.

What is the purpose of the Eves Ring and Collar Sheet ?

They serve two uses, if the silencer is located on a boiler roof, the eves ring is the point of contact with the roof. On every application Glaunach reviews the noise brake out from piping prior to the silencer is calculated to determine if noise radiated from the uninsulated pipe will be louder than the silenced level at the silencer outlet. In the event insulation is needed, the eves ring or Collar sheet are the termination points for insulation.

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